Our key goal in terms of quality is to make sure we get it right first time.

If we fail to do so we are very aware of the impact it can have on the overall project timescales as well and the cost implications (both on our side and that of our clients). it can also damage our reputation and future relationships with our clients, something we don’t take for granted and work hard to build.

In order to achieve our quality objectives we have learnt that the planning of our projects is paramount. We have a team of key personnel with a wealth of experience in planning and delivering projects, they also come with commercial awareness and are tasked with ensuring SHEQ is embedded in the decision making process.

Just as important are the skills, knowledge and experience of our site managers and operatives.

We have ongoing skills and knowledge development for all personnel through external providers as well as our in house developed ‘learn to earn’ scheme.

At the end of each project we conduct a review to identify what went well and what could have been done better with the aim of bringing together any insights gained that can be applied on future projects to make them even more successful.