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Best Poly Bridge rail within the Rail infrastructure  Our Polybridges are available for you to hire for any duration of time or you can purchase your own bespoke Polybridge. All bridges are made to ensure full compliance and HSE requirements have been met, to both LUL and Network Rail standards. The Polybridges that we hire and procure come with full installation guidance along with comprehensive design drawings and site-specific task briefings that can be delivered to the operatives via your site person in charge. These task briefs can also be incorporated into any safe system of work. If required, we can supply an experienced labour team to install and remove each shift as required. Each Polybridge requires a simple survey to be conducted to specify the exact track layout and position of the bridge in order for works to take place, this can be carried out by an experienced OCL engineer or by yourself; however, all measurements submitted to OCL will be used for final fabrication and therefore must be precise. We supply easy to follow templates free of charge to assist with accurate measurement taking and recording, our Polybridges are then crafted to your bespoke track requirements by our design and fabrication experts. Each bridge once returned from hire is fully serviced and restored including all anti-slip flooring reapplied along with GRP handrails integrity tests carried out. Our bridges have all been weight loaded and approved for the use of plant such as diggers, piling machines, forklifts, along with basic foot traffic.
    OCL Polybridges have been approved and have been in use on both TFL and Network Rail infrastructures since 2017; the OCL integrated polybridge system was first designed by OCL in 2017 and was an industry first to incorporate several additional safety features, as a proprietary system including built-in GRP handrails that conform with section K2 of the Building regulations: protection from falling, along with BS 6399 part 1 1996
    The OCL Polybridges can be installed with a team of 4 trained personnel in less than 20 min, and the OCL polybridge can be removed from the track environment in less than 15 mins, including fixing and removal of all components; the OCL Polybridges and installation methodologies can also be made to suit your project track times with manufacture being considered in such a manner that installation can take place without the need for an OLE isolation and all personnel remaining 2.75m away from the OLE at all times during install and instead utilising the line block period or possession period only.
    With limited time within (NR) possessions and engineering hours (TFL), The OCL polybrdidges undoubtedly assist in maximising your outputs; this is clear when large amounts of Spoil removal is required as part of a Civil engineering project, and multiple heavy and large quantities of materials are needed to travel between platforms for your projects to succeed, project productivity can increase up to 500% from conventional personnel methods of transporting materials and plant.
    In line with HSE Guidance; Frequent and heavy lifting and handling can cause back injuries and other injuries; therefore, utilising an OCL polybridge will help reduce lifting and handling requirements, hence removing or reducing the risk altogether and keeping your workers healthy and at work. All OCL polybridges have been designed and built with this guidance in mind; For example, a single 10t dumper can travel across the bridge in one 2 minute trip, which would take approximately 400 individual trips by an operative carrying single bags up and over platform structural bridges.
    All OCL polybridges will be designed and built to suit the maximum loading requirements of the fully laden machinery that you will use, including the point loading of individual sections and incorporating the height, width and weights and whether the vehicles are tracked or wheeled vehicles, OCL will take the machine specification and then produce a design built around the spec ensuring the correct amount and size of spreader boards are set along with the proper density blocks being chosen to give you precisely what you require.
    OCL will provide you with detailed track survey forms for you to peruse and produce well in advance of the fabrication; this will allow you to decide the exact position of the OCL polybridge and to incorporate any additional requirements during the laser cutting of the blocks, such as third rail requirements, additional comms cables or raised chairs that need to be incorporated into the design. Again, this can be done by yourself and your project team or completed in attendance with an OCL engineer that can be provided.
    OCL can provide fully trained and experienced dual PTS and LU certified installation teams for your project to run smoothly, leaving you to concentrate on other parts of your project.
    Alternatively, OCL can offer in house training by a supervisor upon delivery of your OCL polybridge to your labour force.
    With an experienced Rail team including a chartered CMIOSH experienced Rail safety manager in house at OCL, we offer professional advice and can produce complete installation guidance.
    including SSOW, methodologies and task briefs to suit your infrastructure requirements, whether it is Network Rail, London Underground, DLR, or TFL tramlink, including their relevant
    Depots and Area A locations, we can work with your preferred company templates or provide you the required information to incorporate into you or your client’s documentation.

Jaimie Lawson, Contracts Manager, Barhale Ltd

“We’d like to take the opportunity to showcase our poly bridge supplier, OCL Rail Group, who are working with us at the complex Finsbury Park Access for All Scheme.
We’re really pleased to recognise the great work that OCL Group have been doing at Finsbury Park. The bridges they supply are key to making sure that works are able to progress smoothly.”

Leigh Nicholls MAPM Senior Project Manager – Circet UK – Rail, Transport and Infrastructure

“This complex Greater Anglia project required a proprietary system in order to raise and level the working areas across the track section areas at Kelvedon station.This project
included refurbishment works being carried out to the underside of an over track footbridge which in turn meant two scaffold access towers were needed to mobilise across the OCL polybridge system, this was initially planned to take place during a 4-day possession over the Christmas period, I would like thank OCL for their efforts in ensuring our full requirements were understood and the turnaround of production within the tight timeframes given were met. Additionally for the ability to make procurement adjustments in line with the programme and the willingness to store and hold the polybridge until the works could be re-scheduled.”

William Bracken BEng (Hons) Contractors Responsible Engineer CRE C (Civils) J. Murphy & Sons Limited

“OCL Group was required to design, produce and deliver a bespoke rail polybridge for our Network Rail project at Saunderton station This was a 3m wide polybridge spanning 2 running lines section in order to take machinery and plant across tracks from platform to platform The design team at OCL made the process easy and efficient and the installation guidance information provided was easy to follow, A TWD Check was carried out on the product and a permit to load issued before taking into each use. The polybridge was installed and fitted correctly and certainly contributed to the successful delivery of this Network Rail project.”

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