The works carried out on this project was originally planned and scheduled for approximately 4 months of engineering shifts. However, once London Underground had informed our Client that there was a works opportunity to work in a London Underground – Thales planned possession over the festive holiday season in which a 72 hour possession could be utilised OCL was asked if they could provide and procure the required labour and resources to deliver this project successfully.

Upon completion of surveys and the pricing of works. OCL was awarded the complete package incorporating 4 work sites with multiple tasks ranging from under platform and invert ducting systems, turning chambers and platform resurfacing to CMS and bespoke bridge works.

After the contract was awarded, OCL set up 4 supervisory work teams 2 weeks prior to possession taking place with strategic planning and careful preparation took place in close collaboration with the Client’s project team. All storage licences, hot works permits, material procurement, labour lists, work tasks and responsibilities were collaborated for implementation to be carried out successfully during the possession.

OCL had a total of 77 operatives working to complete these works over 6 x 12hr possession shifts over the festive season with all the required and correct certification in place. Many site meetings took place prior to possession dates and all operatives and their respective teams attended OCL offices for strategic planning meetings and safety briefings prior to commencement of works.

OCL not only delivered this complete project successfully, without issue or incident, but were able to procure and produce over and above that planned within the possession time. A number of PGI’s were carried out by London Underground during this possession of which OCL supervision and operatives were commended for correct procedures being carried out all times. Upon completion of this project a letter of ‘Congratulations’ and ‘Thank You’ was sent from London Underground and the Giffen Group project team.


  • High Street Kensington
    • Installation of bespoke J hangers and cantilever fixings
    • High level installation works using fabricated spans
    • Concrete foundation high level metal post transitions
    • Station to station tunnel work CRMS, incorporating telephone lines
    • CRMS within platform inverts and passageways
    • Installation of bespoke steel bracketry to Over Track Crossings


    • Removal of all existing services in switch room
    • Break out existing floor and build new multi duct brickwork turning chamber
    • Diamond core drill through ducts in 1.2m thick concrete wall
    • Remove platform surface stipple effect asphalt and concrete slabs
    • Install and encase all new installed lsf ducts from invert to switch room
    • Install and encase further ducts at correct radius to new up stand for equipment
    • Rode and rope all ducts
    • Reinstate all services
    • Reinstate platform to existing asphalt stipple effect
    • Install new floor and manholes In switch room
    • Re-plaster and paint room to high spec
    • Complete all associated CMS and other works

    Gloucester Road

    • Post and rail routes (anchor system)
    • Concrete foundations
    • Various bespoke CRMS to suit existing steelwork
    • Installation of J hangers and power arms
    • High level gantry tray work and adaptation bracketry
    • Vegetation clearance

    Triangle sidings

    • Concrete troughing c.1.7 c.1.8 c.1.9 installation
    • Standoff brackets and J hangers installed throughout
    • Bespoke Cantilever and power arms supports
    • High level tunnel face installation works
    • 5m post installs for cable transitions
    • New swing plates installed
    • Base plate posts installed to concrete pad foundations


  • Project manager x 1
  • Site managers x 2
  • SPCs x 5
  • Operatives x 65 (in 72hr possession)
  • Compliance manager-HSE auditor x 1
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