OCL was recommended and requested to carry out this urgent Network Rail project in light of our ability to supply the required install teams within the limited timescales and our ability to maintain high standards within tight deadlines at the correct price.

This project incorporated the requirement to install over 3,000 meters of a complete new line of route using a combination of elevated GRP trough fixed to metal posts in concrete foundations, c.1.7 and c.1.9 concrete trough at ground level, large fibre optic and HV jointing bays in associated areas and the install of bespoke transitions between the raised GRP routes and ground level routes integrating many large jointing areas.

As part of this project, OCL successfully carried out works on a number of other additional variations to the design, including UTXs, buried flexi duct routes and ballast board installations.

OCL was faced with, and overcome, a number of in-depth challenges in achieving target dates on this project due to some extreme ground conditions and obstructions in route which meant a number of design changes along the way involving complex areas.

For the duration of this project, OCL was able to immediately adapt and overcome issues at all times upon the Client’s up-to-date information and instruction, whilst also being able to offer additional support in the supply of services from our recruitment division for the supply of extra labour for other works associated with this project.

Our management staff was on hand and available at all times when required by the Client to aide with information and communicate with suppliers on matters concerning bespoke redesign, including fabrications of transitional steel work and other associated methodologies.

OCL personnel were able to successfully incorporate a number of planned possessions in and around the OLE sections on this project to suit the Client’s exact requirements and possession times in order to achieve the delivery of a successful project.


  • Installation of new metal posts and hangers in concrete foundations
  • Installation of new elevated GRP trough onto post route
  • Installation of c17, c19 concrete trough, T pieces and reducers
  • Installation of bespoke concrete transition ramps,allowing continuous support for HV and fibre cables from trough installed at ground level to elevated supported GRP trough on post route
  • Installation of GRP trough to large bridge structures
  • Installation of bespoke fabricated metal ramps
  • Installation of flexi ducting system within ground
  • Installation of HV cable joining bays
  • Installation of fibre optic loop and joining bays
  • Installation of Cubis cable turning chambers
  • Installation of concrete posts and retaining ballast boards
  • Cut and removal of redundant rails and sleepers
  • Large amounts of vegetation clearance


  • Project manager x 1
  • Site managers x 1
  • COSS x 2
  • Operatives x 14
  • Compliance manager-HSE auditor x 1


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