OCL was awarded this multi tasked project on the back of our success during the Christmas holiday period with the completion of 4 large projects originally programmed for 4 months completed in a 72 hour full possession (please also refer to Area 4 and Area 5 SUP LVAC Power Upgrade).

OCL was contracted to install a new brick built switch room and foundation built into and upon the existing precast platform beams back of house at South Kensington station.

The requirement was for the new switch room to match the existing surround heritage stock brickwork and weatherproof pointing. The new switch room was to be built adjacent to switch room E3 for the purpose of housing the new required trunk switch and other equipment for the associated new LV power cables. All utilities CMS and structural openings for fire dampers etc., were built successfully into this new build along with completion of the resurfacing around the surrounding area.

OCL was then contracted to install all associated CMS leading from South Kensington sub-station. This included large amounts of high level arch works on the westbound line, incorporating over track crossings leading onto the eastbound platform soffits before terminating into the new switch room. These works were carried out by OCL using a 6 man multi trade team that were able to complete this project from start to finish, incorporating all elements of the work with all the required certification.

The project was delivered on time, within budget and with no incidents.


  • Carry out all surveys and cat scans of the area
  • Excavate and remove existing surfacing and 450mm x 450mm precast slabs spanning between platform beams
  • Carefully locate existing 24 no cable ducts and excavate surrounding providing temporary support at all times
  • Install new concrete foundation with required reinforcement
  • Build new 250mm thick cavity wall switch room consisting of concrete blocks and yellow stock bricks and bespoke concrete lintels
  • Complete internal sealed screeding of new switch room floor
  • Complete required plastering and painting to new switch room walls
  • Install Kee Klamp barriers to surrounding areas
  • Resurface all surrounding areas to accommodate new door opening, etc., to the switch room
  • Install all CMS up to entry and structural openings of new switch room
  • Installation of CMS tray, trunking, trapeze brackets along platforms
  • Installation of bespoke bracketry to over track crossings
  • Installation of high level steel archway spans and required j hangers
  • Completion and submission of all required documentation for ITP


  • Project manager x 1
  • Site managers x 1
  • SPCs x 1
  • Operatives x 8
  • Compliance manager-HSE auditor x 1


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